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Published on May 4, 2008 By uDigItTheMost In Humor

I decided to write a very important article. Maybe the most important article of 2008. Maybe ever.


Since I not one to write serious blogs about politics, religion or current events you’re probably asking yourselves why I’m writing it and not someone else who is better at those kind of articles. You asked a great question. Why indeed am I writing it?


Let’s look at my blog here at JU. I been a member here since June 17, 2005, and this will be my 54th article. Okay, not exactly a prolific writer. (Hell, I know a blogger here who wrote 54 articles in 5 days)


Seven out of my last eight articles have been part of the JU Writing Challenges. Okay, not exactly significant issues. (Hell, I know a blogger here who wrote 5 blogs “on” significant issues in 15 minutes)


The one article out of my last eight that wasn’t JUWC-related was about why I should be the next President. Okay, not exactly a modest thing. (Hell, I know a blogger here who's so modest he wrote 2 articles in one day explaining why he will continue to grace us with his presence)


Here’s why I should write the most important article ever. The most politically religious blog ever? Nah, it’s none of those things. No, it’s not about any of those things at all.


Instead it’s about the reaction JU has towards a certain blogger who loves to flood JU with his “important” articles. It seems he loves attention and when I read his “important” articles I couldn’t believe how many comments he receives despite his constant deleting of any he finds “off-topic” or despite his disregard for any other JU poster.


So what I propose to all my fellow JUers who have had enough. I suggest any comment you may have about said blogger or his latest “important” article be left here. Just tell us what “important” article you are referring to then leave a comment right here.


I can think of lots of reasons why this will work.


  1. Having all the comments on one article will free up space for actual well-thought pieces.
  2. His articles will be bumped down on the forums if he gets no comments at all.
  3. I will NOT delete any comment not matter how RIGHT you are.
  4. I will get the points and not him. Hopefully, I get at least 100 comments.
  5. It will piss him off. Hey, if he don’t care about us why should we care about him.
  6. It’s a good idea.


At the end this isn’t really the most important article at all. In fact, it’s a bullsh*t article. Hey, it’s what I do best. See, I  wrote one bullsh*t article this year. Okay, not exactly on record pace. (Hell, I know one blogger who wrote 100 bullsh*t articles in one month)

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on May 04, 2008

Love the article.  Glad YOU are staying

on May 04, 2008
If you would look through my mind
indeed you would find
most of those deletions
were due to objections
with language not needed
and warnings not heeded
on May 04, 2008

I dig it.  Here's your first reply!


Edit:  Ok, I'm slow.  Your THIRD reply.

on May 04, 2008


do you insist to dock

on these petty attacks

or will you come from the backs

of those you insult

unlike the practices of those in a cult.

on May 04, 2008

Isn't it amazing how a teeny bopper can come in and disrupt everything?

Makes me want to make my kids wait to drive.  If one kid with a keyboard can cause such angst, imagine what a kid with a car could do......eek.

on May 04, 2008
   What a maroon!

(not YOU UDig! I think you're pretty damn brilliant!

on May 04, 2008

I find attacking me here

a sign of fear

why do you gang?

Do you fear a bang?

I will not hurt

those who are curt.

on May 04, 2008

whassup with the sudden rhyming thang?

on May 04, 2008

I will speak in rhyme

unlike a mime

until the serpent

ASaxyGirl will repent

on May 04, 2008
I'll toss some points your way although I really couldn't care less about some immature twit writing articles I don't bother to read.
on May 04, 2008

I can dig it.


on May 04, 2008

Here's my cookie.

on May 04, 2008

 "make malicious personal attacks, statements of libel, or other behavior deemed unacceptable by administrators".

Sound like a violation of TOS could be anything please.

"Members under the age of 12 years old must have permission from their parent or guardian before agreeing to these terms and conditions".

I think we should call his daddy.

on May 04, 2008

  You clever bugger...  Here is some more points to you, mate.

on May 04, 2008
Fine, as long as you also don't try to sue me for being an unintelligible ass.
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